National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

Annual Wheelchair Basketball Tournament


Congratulations to BeU Clothing, who defeated Cardinal Health’s Olive Branch Cardinals to win its third championship in our annual wheelchair-basketball tournament at Skinner Center. Thanks to the Rollin’ Grizzlies, Hamilton High cheerleaders, our sponsors, volunteers and all those who came out and helped make the March 24 event a great success!


The Arc Mid-South hosted its annual Wheelchair Basketball Tournament on March 11 featuring the Memphis Rollin' Grizzlies, members of the National Wheelchair Basketball League.

BeU Clothing became two-time champs when they defeated The Hershey Company to win the tournament.  “We didn’t come here to play,” BeU said on its Pictaram video ( . “We came here to repeat.” 

Teams from Cardinal Health, Medtronic, and Kenisha’s (FedEx) Hubbers vied for the honor at the Raymond Skinner Center. Winners of the quarter-finals each played the Rollin’ Grizzlies.

The event demonstrated the empowerment of individuals with disabilities; it’s not the disability that counts, but the ability of each individual. 



Congratulations to BeU Clothing,who won our annual wheelchair-basketball tournament by defeating a team from The Hershey Co. in a nail-biting final. Thanks to The Rollin Grizzlies,Cardinal Health, the RHD cheerleaders,our sponsors,volunteers and all those who came out and helped make the March 26 event a great success!


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“Hoops from Heart” Annual Wheelchair Basketball Tournament

The Arc Mid-South in conjunction with the Memphis Rollin’ Grizzlies, members of the National Wheelchair Basketball Association held its Annual, “Hoops from the Heart” Wheelchair Basketball Tournament in celebration of National Disabilities Awareness Month, on March 21st at the Raymond Skinner Center, 712 Tanglewood.  Tournament sponsors included Johnson and Johnson, The Hershey Company, Sam’s Club and Inventory Locator Services, LLC as they joined in support of individuals with disabilities.   

The event kicked off with a salute, as the National Anthem was performed A cappella, with a voice that carried a melodic echo.  A special recognition followed, as representatives from the offices of the City of Memphis, Mayor A C Wharton, and Shelby County, Mayor Mark Luttrell, Jr. honored the audience with their presence.  Deputy Director – GS, Wanda Faulkner, City of Memphis, and Director of Community Services, Martha Lott, Shelby County, presented proclamations recognizing March as National Disabilities Awareness Month.   
Sam’s Club came prepared for the challenge, with stores from all geographical locations represented, including, Jackson, TN; Bartlett, TN; Southaven, MS; Getwell Road, Winchester Road, and Covington Pike.  Geared up for the fierce competition, Sam’s Club battled against teams from The Hershey Company, BeU Clothing, and The Arc Mid-South in an attempt to regain their title.

“Hoops from the Heart” is an understatement, as individuals without disabilities played fast and furious games of wheelchair basketball.  Many of the new comers, said, “I thought this was going to be easy,” but were knocked into a realm of reality.  After playing a couple of games, the comments quickly changed to, “This is harder than I thought, but this is fun.”  The spirit of competitiveness filled the Raymond Skinner Center on and off the court…. As Andrea Goodman, of Hershey’s was in rare form, and all in the spirit of Good Ol’ Fashion sportsmanship.

Each of the first round game winners had an opportunity to compete against The Memphis Rollin’ Grizzlies.  This year’s two highest scorers were BeU Clothing and Sam’s 6260, who were in it to win it….The 2015 “Hoops from the Heart” champions, remaining undefeated, and came off without a hitch is Sam’s Club 6260, Bartlett, TN. 

The true champions are individuals with disabilities.  It’s not about the disability of a person, but the ability.  The Arc Mid-South has been empowering individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities since 1950.  In an effort to continue our programs and services to support literacy education, advocacy services, job placement, in home care, and respite, The Arc Mid-South needs your continued support. 

The Arc Mid-South would love to invite you to join us for our 2016 “Hoops from the Heart” Wheelchair Basketball Tournament.  Please contact Lori Rosser at or (901) 327-2473 for more information.  

If you are interested in finding out more about the programs and services offered by The Arc Mid-South, please visit our website at

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