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In late 2008, The Arc Mid-South was introduced to a young man named, Andrew T.  Andrew completed the 10th grade before dropping out of public school.  The Memphis City School District labeled Andrew as just another underachieving, socially delayed statistic with ADHD and mild mental retardation.  Andrew proved to be much more in a very short time. 

When he arrived at The Arc Mid-South, not only did the staff take time to understand him, but Andrew's skill level was evaluated to allow him to decide his path in life.  Andrew explored several employment fields with the assistance of the job readiness classes in the Career Development and Job Placement Program.  Staff completed evaluations in the community that helped Andrew decide the career field that was the best fit for him. 

He not only learned how to obtain a job, but how to maintain a job as well.  From resume building to appropriate workplace behavior, he was equipped for the world of employment, which he soon joined. 

After a few months of training and the assistance of job developers from The Arc Mid-South, in May of 2009, Andrew successfully gained employment as a greeter at Sam's Club.  He not only learned the importance of becoming a valued community member, he applied those valuable life skills to his own dreams.  As of February, 2013, Andrew is still employed at Sam's Club and is doing an excellent job. 

The Arc Mid-South not only offers training in work readiness, but also GED preparation, which can give Andrew an opportunity to focus on his educational goals, thus preparing him to complete his high school education.  Many of The Arc Mid-South’s clients need the special attention, and one-on-one assistance that cannot be obtained in a public setting, and we are here to help.


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